Black Bear Sighting Reported in Monroe Township

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Black Bear - Stock Photo

MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ – Police in Monroe Township in South Jersey have reported a black bear wandering through the community. Police suspect the bear may have been displaced by recent fires in the Pine Barrens.

“We have received confirmed sightings of a black bear visiting town today. The sightings have been in the area of Prosser Avenue, Herbert Boulevard, and Laurel Ave. Perhaps he was displaced from the recent forest fires. Either way, please let him be. He has not caused any issues at this point,” police reported. “A black bear passing through an area and not causing a problem should be left alone. People should leave the area and allow the bear to continue on its way. When frightened, bears may seek refuge by climbing trees. If the bear does go up a tree, clear the area and give the bear time to climb down and escape.”