Scammers Posing as Baltimore County Sheriff’s Officers Targeting Residents

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BALTIMORE, Md – Scammers are targeting Baltimore residents to fleece people out of money, claiming to be police officers.

According to the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, the agency is again receiving numerous complaints from citizens regarding phone scammers.

“The tech-savvy scammers reportedly have the capability to appear as the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office on your caller ID. Posing as officials from the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, the scammers falsely claim they are attempting to clear an arrest warrant, or clear someone who has failed to appear for jury duty, by collecting money,” the department said. “The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office will NEVER contact anyone by phone and request monetary payment of any kind.”

The department noted the scammers also provide pay accounts such as Apple Pay, Cash-App, Venmo, etc., or similar means, to steal funds from potential victims.

“Some of these individuals, posing as Sheriff’s Office personnel, have been so bold as to invite their potential victims to meet them at the courthouse,” the department added. “If you receive such a call, note the information given, including the number displayed on your caller ID and hang up. NEVER give any personal or financial information to unknown callers.”