Westfield Police Blotter, Here’s What’s Happening in Town

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WESTFIELD, NJ – It’s been a busy week for police in Westfield, New Jersey as the department releases police blotter reports for various criminal-related activities. The department said June 19 to June 25 report does not represent the total scope of police activity. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • A resident from 600 block of Fourth Avenue reported he was the victim of criminal mischief. The victim stated he left his residence on 06/18/22 and when he returned on 06/19/22 at 19:00 hours discovered the glass of the patio window was shattered. The inner glass pane of glass to patio window remained intact and no entry was gained to the residence.
  • A resident of the 0-100 block of Westbrook Road reports that on 06/20/2022, their “Worx” robotic lawn mower was stolen from their lawn between 0900 and 1100 hours. A white work van was seen near the victim’s driveway that morning.

  • Andrew Benjamin of Plainfield, NJ was arrested at the Middlesex County Jail on the strength of Westfield Municipal Court warrant # E1721065 in the amount of $1,000.00 no 10%. Benjamin was transported to Westfield Police Headquarters where he was processed and released upon posting bail.
  • A resident of the 600 block of Green Briar Court reported a theft of his motor vehicle, which occurred during overnight hours. The vehicle is a silver 2022 Mercedes Benz GLS valued at approximately $88,000.00. Vehicle was parked on the street in front of victim’s residence at the time of the theft. The resident indicated that the keys for the vehicle were inside the vehicle at the time of theft. Additional items of value left in the car were two child car seats and an iPhone, all valued approximately $1,150.00.
  • Jaykwaan Chito, 21, of Springfield NJ was arrested on the strength of a Cranford Municipal Court Warrant for the amount of $250.00. Chito was released from the scene with a new court date
  • A resident reported that a group of juveniles damaged his vinyl fence in the rear of his yard. The homeowner had no exact description of the actors who may have caused the damage.

  • A resident reports that an unknown actor attempted to burglarize their vehicles parked in their driveway. The actors attempted to open the doors of both of the resident’s vehicles, but the doors were locked to one vehicle and no entry was gained. However, the doors to another vehicle owned by the victim was unlocked and entry into this vehicle was made by an actor. This actor removed a document holder and documents from the vehicle. These stolen items had no monetary value.
  • A resident of the 100 Block of North Chestnut observed a suspect walking to the rear of his driveway. The resident yelled out to the suspect when he ran to a white Mercedes Benz SUV and drove northbound on North Chestnut Street.

  • A resident reports an unknown actor(s) entered their unlocked vehicle overnight. Their vehicle was parked in their driveway at the time of the incident. The resident reports that no items were taken from the vehicle. However, items from the center console and glove box were strewn about the vehicle indicating that someone had entered the vehicle and rifled through the interior.
  • Ariel Guzman 22 of Westfield, NJ was arrested for Driving Under the Influence pursuant to a motor vehicle crash investigation at the intersection of West North Avenue and Edgewood Avenue. He was released from police custody with a pending court date.