As Car Thefts and Burglaries Rise, Lakewood Police Chief Reminds Residents to Lock Their Doors

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LAKEWOOD, NJ – With a rise in crime, including car thefts and car burglaries in the five towns, New Jersey area of Lakewood, Howell, Toms River, Jackson, and Brick, Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer is reminding residents to lock their doors and keep all valuables, including key fobs in their house.

“Residents should make an effort to remind themselves to always remove valuables from their vehicles, lock doors, and never leave key fobs inside,” Police Chief Greg Meyer warned. “Leaving these items inside your vehicle is candy for thieves.”

Car thieves, many who target the area from North Jersey have become more brazen in recent months. First, they will check to see if a car is unlocked. Then if it is, they will simply open doors and remove valuables. If a key fob is located, often cars are stolen.

More serious, crooks are now using the car’s garage door openers to gain access into people’s homes to steal key fobs hanging up nearby. In some cases in New Jersey, and surrounding states, these brazen criminals have even orchestrated home invasions and even assaults after gaining entry into a home from an unlocked car door.

Meyer reminded residents to play it smart and not invite themselves to be the next victim.

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