Worker Rescued After Being Trapped in Collapsed Hole, 10 Feet Deep in Howell

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HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – A worker at a residential construction worksite was trapped in a hole approximately 8 to 10 feet deep on Thursday according to the Southard Fire Department.

Early in the afternoon, The Freewood Acres Fire Company responded to a home under construction where a trench collapsed the worker, entrapping him up to his chest in the dirt.

Upon arrival, firefighters deployed ground stabilization pads and a high point was created.

“A rope was lowered down to the subject and air monitoring of the hole was established,” the department said.

To ensure a safe and successful rescue, due to the equipment needed and specialized rescue skills required, firefighters requested three vacuum trucks from Howell Township and Monmouth County as well as two rescue teams from Asbury Park Fire Department.

The Brick Township RUST (Search and Rescue) Team was also deployed to the scene.

“After around three hours on location, the subject was successfully removed from the hole. An excellent coordinated response by all agencies,” Southard Fire Department said in a statement.

Photo by Southard Fire Department.