Democrats Reject Plan to Protect Caven Point Wild Life Sanctuary At Liberty State Park

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TRENTON, N.J. – Democrats routinely tout their dedication to the the environment, but not in the case of the wildlife sanctuary at Caven Point.

This week, New Jersey Assemblywoman Vicky Flynn fought to protect wildlife sanctuary Caven Point at Liberty State Park in Jersey City during the Assembly’s voting session on June 29. Her amendment, which would have preserved the environmentally significant area of Caven Point from redevelopment plans for the park, was rejected by Democrats 41-32.

“I’m a proud resident of Monmouth County, but my family’s roots are in Jersey City. While I believe these enhancements are necessary and are going to create a one-of-a-kind type of recreational environment for our Hudson County neighbors, I must advocate that we use this opportunity to preserve the natural resources at Liberty State Park,” Flynn (R-Monmouth) said.

Flynn’s office ssued the following release:

Flynn sought to amend the bill (A4264) that will invest $50 million for development and improvements at the park to ensure that Caven Point, an area known for its ecological importance, would be excluded from future construction plans. During her speech from the Assembly floor, she said she approved of redeveloping Liberty State Park, but argued that conservation measures should be included to protect Caven Point.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed the bill into law on June 30 after it was fast tracked by Sen. Brian Stack (D-Hudson) who only introduced it three weeks prior to the vote without any language to protect Caven Point. Sen. Stack has since adopted Flynn’s proposal, introducing a separate bill in the Senate to designate the land as a preserved natural habitat.

WATCH: Flynn fights to preserve Caven Point peninsula at Liberty State Park in Jersey City