I Ain’t Leaving, Woman Who Didn’t Want to Leave Water Park Fought the Cops And Lost

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JACKSON, NJ – At the Jersey Shore, every wonderful day must eventually come to an end, but for one woman at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in nearby Jackson, she didn’t want it to end.

Police working security in the park at the end of the day encountered two women who refused to leave as the park was shutting down. That didn’t go over well and the situation quickly escalated to an assault on responding officers.

According to police, last Sunday, at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, both Ocean County Sherriff’s officers and Jackson Police Department officers were requested by security for assistance with two female parties who were refusing to leave the water park and were argumentative.

“Both agencies were already working in a security capacity for the park as they routinely do during their operational hours,” Jackson Police Sgt. Fred Meabe said.

“Upon arrival, Det. Derek Thomason and Sgt. Joseph Candido observed a very large crowd circled around two Ocean County Sherriff’s Officers who had arrived on scene and were attempting to calm down the female parties along with security. During this time officers were attempting to assist security with advising the females that the water park was closed for the day and that they needed to leave. As they were attempting to diffuse the situation, one of the females assaulted a security officer, a Sherriff’s Officer and Det. Thomason by pushing them while ignoring their commands to calm down in an attempt to get to an unrelated party. As a result that female was taken into custody by officers,” Meabe reported. “While attempting to arrest the female, she became combative by kicking officers and pulling her arms away so that she could not be handcuffed. She was given multiple commands to comply but ignored all. As Jackson Officers were arresting the female, Sherriff’s Officers were arresting the other female who was also combative.”

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According to Meabe’s report, once Jackson Officers had the female handcuffed, they attempted to get her off the ground, but she then started to kick officers again.

“At one point the female kicked Det. Thomason in the groin and spit at officers while attempting to bite them in their ankles. This behavior continued for several minutes as the female elected to not cooperate by refusing to walk and drop her body weight as officers attempted to escort out of the park. Every time officers attempted to escort her, she again would continue her combative behavior, this time kicking Sgt. Candido in the stomach and kicking Det. Thomason for a second time,” he added. “Officers asked for additional officers to respond as the crowd started to grow in size around the scene and were becoming more vocal. Additional Sherriff’s Officers, Jackson Police Officers and New Jersey State Police responded to assist with crowd control.”

Once the scene was more secure, officers chose to carry the female out which resulted in her flailing and during such time, she spit in the face of Sgt. Candido. While maneuvering the female so that she could not spit in officer’s faces, she then kicked an assisting Sheriffs Officer in the head.

Police arrested Kameron Serrano.

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