Frank Holman, Ocean County Election Chairman Resigns after Political Shakeup, Moving to Florida

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Let’s face it, former Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman was never in New Jersey much while he was chairman. He was usually out west on big game hunting trips, or just hunting squirrel and possum in the backwoods, but now, he’s making his absence official.

Today, Holman announced he is resigning as chairman of the embattled Ocean County election board. Under Holman’s reign, Ocean County saw millions of dollars in purchases of controversial Dominion voting machines.

On Thursday, Holman’s handpicked successor, Michael Mastronardy, lost his Ocean County GOP Chairman’s election race to his arch nemesis, George Gilmore. Today, it was learned that Holman has already skipped town and is living in Florida. He’s now making that move permanent.

Now, under state law, Gilmore and his running mate Ruthanne Scaturro will have to meet with New Jersey State GOP Committee members Jack Kelly and Virginia Haines to decide who will be appointed to replace Holman.

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Governor Phil Murphy then has to approve that nominee. Gilmore said he predicts Haines, a leftover of the Holman administration, will not agree with the choice of nominee.

Holman’s New Jersey based accounting firm is one of the biggest pay-to-play professional operations in New Jersey, earning millions of dollars annually in public political patronage contracts.

Holman was also the auditor of record in Ocean Gate, where former Mayor Paul Kennedy stole thousands of dollars of public funds. Those thefts went unreported during Holman’s annual audits of the tiny Toms River shoreline borough.

Holman has reportedly been living in Florida for some time prior to his announcement.