Bomb Found Under Passaic River Bridge by Magnet Fisherman

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While The Professor tries to round up enough metal to make an anchor for a raft with an S.O.S. message attached to it, Gilligan reels in a World War II underwater mine from the lagoon. CBS/United Artists

NUTLEY, NJ – On Saturday, a magnet fisherman found a bomb under a bridge in the Passaic River, leading the Essex County Bomb Squad to secure the area and diffuse the bomb. Magnet fishing is the act of throwing a large magnet into a body of water, typically near bridges or other heavy traffic points in an attempt to find lost and discarded treasures.

This time, it was a bomb. Police said it was discarded military ordinance but did not describe the type of ordinance or from what time period.

The bomb was safely secured by the bomb squad and removed to a safe location before being detonated.

The bomb was found at around 3:45 pm on the Lyndhurst Bridge and Route 21.

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