Did New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim Take Money from Teachers Union to Keep Schools Closed During Pandemic?

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim was accused last year of taking money from the NJEA and the NEA teachers unions and return, blocked efforts to reopen schools.

A Republican Congressional PAC claimed Andy Kim took $22.124 from the teachers union shortly before voting in Congress to keep schools in New Jersey closed.

In February, 2021, Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski both voted against a bill that would have docked federal funds from school districts who still refused to reopen, even though the CDC recommended children return to the classroom.

“Kids need to be in school,” said Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, the bill’s sponsor. “We can get them back behind a desk instead of in front of the screen and we can do so safely.”

A week later Kim and Malinowski blocked another bill aimed at getting schools to reopen.

“Even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that our kids can return to school safely, Malinowski and Kim are choosing to deny children the quality education they deserve,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Both Tom Malinowski and Andy Kim had the opportunity to put our children first, but chose instead to stick with the union bosses who want to keep kids locked out of their classrooms indefinitely.”

Records show that Kim did receive the money from the teachers union as claimed, but it is not certain that money was used as a payoff for Kim to vote against the legislation aimed at reopening schools in New Jersey.

Kim said a billboard put up by a Republican PAC was false, and used it as an opportunity to raise money for this year’s election.

“SuperPAC put up this billboard today attacking me with lies. I’m a father of a boy that I would love to have in-person for kindergarten this year,” Kim said in his campaign solicitation. “Now a SuperPAC is accusing me of putting politics before our kids? It’s reprehensible. Help me fight back.”