Harley Davidson Moves Out of Lakewood, What’s Next for the Old Roller Rink?

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Photo by Harley Davidson of Ocean County

LAKEWOOD, NJ – From the 1960s until 2000, the Lakewood roller rink provided an entertainment outlet for teens, adults and families through the roaring disco era and well beyond the 80s when roller rinks were all the rage in Ocean County.

After 40 years, the rink was closed, and in its place, Harley Davidson opened up a showroom to much fanfare. The 20,000-square-foot building, which lies just east of Route 9 is now turning the page to another chapter in its long history.

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Harley Davidson of Ocean County is no more. The company has merged the location with its Shoreline Harley Davidson showroom in West Long Branch.

It seems like yesterday when Delores Vincent and her family were spinning the vinyl and kids were skating the loop in Lakewood, but those days are long gone. It’s not sure what the fate of the building will be after the departure of Harley Davidson.

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After 20 years, Ocean County Harley Davidson is gone. The company thanked its loyal customers for their years of loyalty and invited them to visit the West Long Branch showroom in the future.

Prior to the closure, Harley Davidson offered a monthlong 50% off sale on all retail items in their showroom.

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