Maryland Department of Natural Resources Reminds Residents to Give Bears their Space

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GARRETT COUNTY, MD – Black bear sightings are on the rise in the mid-Atlantic states as bears begin wandering outside their comfort zone as mating season is in full swing. While bears are cute to look at, especially when it’s a mama bear and her cubs like this photo submitted to the agency, they can be dangerous if provoked.

Typically bears avoid people when people avoid bears. Bears are also very protective of their young, hence the term, don’t mess with mama bear.

“This photo was taken in Garrett County recently and you may notice it’s slightly grainy. That’s because this individual did the correct thing and kept her distance. While it’s tempting to want to grab one of these little cuties it is 100% not the thing to do…even a selfie stick won’t help you! There is a reason that mothers call themselves “Mama Bear” when their kids are threatened,” the agency said.

Keep your distance, respect their space and watch from afar.

Photo credit: Dorothy Sisler

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