New York City Subway Trains Starting to Look Like the 70s and 80s All Over Again

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NEW YORK CITY, NY – For a long time, the New York City subway system was relatively safe and clean, considering its dark past in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, trains were a mess. The city was a mess. Trains were covered in graffiti inside and out.

Crime was rampant inside the New York City Subway system. Homelessness, mental illness and depravity reigned supreme.

Now, the subway system under former Mayor Bill DeBlasio and current Mayor Eric Adams is starting to descend back into darkness and despair.

Violent crime is once again rampant at the illegal graffiti is back. The city is trying to fight back, but it could be facing a losing battle as police ranks thin and offenders are being set free, sometimes before an arresting officer’s shift is over.

Recently, The NYPD Citywide Vandals Task Force conducted an investigation into graffiti on subway cars as well as subway surfing.

During their probe, they were able to identify the individual wanted for this graffiti, along with subway surfing incidents and made an arrest.

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