Baltimore Police Searching for Woman Who Fled Armed Robbery in Mercedes Benz

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BALTIMORE, MD – Police in Baltimore are still searching for a woman who robbed a Nordstrom store in Baltimore on 4th of July before fleeing in her Mercedes Benz

According to police, at approximately 2:20 p.m., the woman attempted to rob the Nordstrom Rack Store that’s located in the 3900 block of Boston Street.

At that time, this woman grabbed a handbag and various designer brand sunglasses, having a total value of almost $3,000.

“An on-duty security officer stopped the woman and after a brief struggle, she then demanded that the security officer hand over the property,” police said. “When the security officer refused, the woman pepper sprayed the security officer and fled the location in a white Mercedes Benz SUV.”

Anyone who knows the identity of this woman is asked to call Citywide Robbery detectives at 410-366-3641.

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