No Longer Just a Shore Problem; North Plainfield Says Zero Tolerance for Popup Parties

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NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – 2022 is becoming the year of the popup party. Large, loosely organized get-together in public and private spaces that typically turn into unruly mobs have sprung up at the Jersey Shore and now, across North Jersey.

The North Plainfield Police today warned popup party organizers not to try it in their town.

“Pop-up parties are illegal and result in property damage for residents and personal injury to partygoers due to the sheer number of attendees. The North Plainfield Police will not tolerate this type of behavior in any form. We have a zero-tolerance stance on these types of illegal parties,” the department said. “Our officers monitor several social media platforms regularly, gathering intelligence on these events. We will pursue criminal charges for all who participate, plan, organize or attend these events in our Borough. We will shut these parties down immediately and seize the admission money, alcohol or other illegal sold substance. The organizers of these parties are in it strictly for the money usually charging hundreds of dollars for admission.”

Police warned organizers they would be held personally liable for hosting the parties. A stern warning was given to an organizer of one party being scheduled now.

“If you are one of the organizers for this type of party, if you are one of the people taking money online for tickets to these parties and organizing it, our suggestion is to stop immediately, because if not you can expect a knock on your door from a North Plainfield Police Officer in the very near future,” police said