Police Track Down Bloodied Woman Reportedly Screaming for Help in Tractor Trailer

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File Photo - White Tractor Trailer.

South Brunswick, NJ – A report of a bloodied woman crying for help inside a tractor-trailer in the South Brunswick area earlier turned out to be a simple misunderstanding. Yes, there was a bloodied woman and yes she was probably screaming, but not for help.

“Police looking for white tractor cab in video. At 2pm woman seen yelling for help, bleeding from cab on Rt 130 headed towards Ridge Rd. Suspect – Older white male,bald,white beard. Victim- white/Hispanic female,20s,long brown hair,” the South Brunswick Police Department reported on Wednesday.

Police were able to identify the man and woman in the truck, a married couple in their 50s after a search in Middlesex and Union Counties.

Today the department said the incident was an ‘accident’.

According to a police statement, the woman was standing in the rear of the cab when the tractor-trailer was cut off by another driver, causing the man to abruptly stop. The woman then fell forward and hit her head on a cupholder, police said.

At first, she was calling for help and after pulling over, her husband took her immediately for medical treatment.

“He doesn’t even realize that the witness that reports it is even there,” police said. “He wasn’t even aware that anyone even saw the interaction between him and his wife.”

Police quickly ruled out any criminal activity after a 26-hour search and investigation.