Syracuse Police Find Illegal Gun Hidden in 16-Year-Old’s Fanny Pack After Foot Chase

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SYRACUSE, NY – Police in Syracuse chased a suspect wearing a fanny pack through the streets of the city on Wednesday, July 13th. According to police, officers R. Bebernitz and Officer Harriman, while conducting surveillance, were observing the area of Park Street and Mary Street when they noticed two armed suspects in the area.

“This area is known by police for high amounts of violent crime,” the Syracuse Police Department noted.

“During their surveillance, they observed two males who appeared to be armed at that location. Officers quickly approached the males and asked them to stop. The males refused to stop, and a foot pursuit ensued,” police said. “One of the suspects, male, 16, was caught, and the other got away. After the 16-year-old was detained, Officers checked his immediate flight path and found a discarded fanny pack. Inside the pack was a loaded, Lorcin handgun with eight rounds inside.”