Less Than Thirty Days Left Until School Returns at the Jersey Shore

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JACKSON, NJ – It’s that time of summer. They call it the dog days, but for many children enjoying days out in the pool, trips to the beach, fishing, crabbing, and the boardwalk, anxiety is starting to set in. School will be back in session at the Jersey Shore in about 30 days for most districts.

That means school shopping, backpacks, haircuts, and going to bed early to get themselves off the relaxed summer routine.

In Jackson, Brick, and Toms River, schools reopen on September 6th.

For parents, it means adding more to do during their morning rush. It starts with making breakfast at 6 am, making sure everyone is ready to go and on the bus before it comes, then getting yourself ready for a long day at work.

For kids, the first day of school probably ranks up there along with going to the dentist, but it also means an opportunity to reconnect with friends they haven’t seen all summer.

Regardless of what the first day of school means to you and your family, it is coming.

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