Is There a Serial Killer on the Loose in Dover? Police Respond

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DOVER, DE – Reports have been circulating online that a serial killer is on the loose in Dover, but police say that was the first they heard about it.

“There is currently a post circulating through the Facebook community that states there is a serial killer or abductor in the Dover area committing crimes,” the Dover Police Department said. “The Dover Police Department was not notified of anything of this nature until it began circulating on social media.”

The rumor is essentially just that and now police are asking the public to use caution when sharing posts that are intended to stir public panic.

“At this time, the Dover Police is not investigating any cases like this,” the department said in a statement. “Please let this serve as a reminder to use caution when sharing stories such as this on social media, as it can cause unnecessary concern and panic in the community. If something like this had occurred and the department was able to verify the information, we would publish a warning on and our social media feeds.”

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