Listen to Kamala Harris Toss Word Salad When it Comes to Space Exploration

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Vice President Kamala Harris tossed another confusing word salad when it comes to America’s future space exploration ambition.

“To that end, we understand that we have got to update the rules, because they’re just simply outdated.  They were written for a space industry of the last century.  And when I was going through here just today, speaking with some of our innovators and looking at where the technology has grown in just the last decade, we know that we really are quite behind in terms of maximizing our collective understanding about how we will engage on the technology of today and what we can quickly and easily predict will be the technology over the next decades,” Harris said. “So, to maintain our position as the United States of America on this issue, it is critical that we work together to understand where we are; to recognize and have the courage to speak truth about what is obsolete; and then to partner to ensure that we are speaking the same language, with the same motivation, inspired by the opportunity of it at all, but then doing the work of updating how we have been talking and thinking about our exploration in space.”

She ended her speech in a manner that any space cadet would surely not really understand.

“And so, we will do this work to make sure our nation remains a role model for the responsible use of space, because we know we must keep pace with the tremendous rate of innovation.  So we must write new rules to provide the clarity that all of us require, to provide certainty,” she said.

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