Catch a Predator YouTubers Behind Massive Atlantic City Bust Are Coming Back to New Jersey

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Cameron Decker lives in Florida but is responsible for one of the largest child sexual predator busts at the Jersey Shore. Decker and Shafiq Blake, of Predator Catchers PA teamed up last month to help Atlantic City law enforcement officials nab 17 individuals in a catch a predator sting operation where men thought they were meeting underage girls for sex in Atlantic City.

Instead, they were texting with Blake and Decker who were recording and filming their actions for vigilante-style justice.

Decker said they two are coming back to New Jersey because some police departments here support their efforts to catch child predators. Decker says that in his home state, police and sheriff’s departments don’t appreciate their efforts to lure men seeking sex with underage girls.

They’re also not fully accepted in New Jersey, but they have built a relationship with several law enforcement agencies, including the Atlantic City Police Department. They said they have to do their work where they know the police will take them seriously.

With the success of the large Atlantic City bust last month, the pair are coming back in the hope that they can put more child predators behind bars.

Decker runs a YouTube channel where he posts his videos, followed by over 7,000 people. Each video is usually seen between 1,000 and 6,000 times.

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