If Politicians Truly Controlled Gas Prices, They Would be Under $1 Per Gallon Every November

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BRODHEADSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - NOVEMBER 7, 2021: Gasoline Pump sticker blaming US President Biden and protesting inflation of prices at gas pump.

Trenton, NJ – Gas prices are under $4 per gallon in most of America, but not so much in New Jersey. At the Jersey Shore, gas prices are still in the $4.20 range today.

Democrats across America are celebrating after gas prices in most of the country fell below $4 for the first time in months. Once dubbed the “Putin Price Hike” by President Joe Biden and the Democrat party, suddenly, as prices begin to fall, politicians are now taking credit for the slump.

The truth is, there was no Putin price hike, and gas prices in America are falling not because of Joe Biden, but in spite of Joe Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda.

If politicians truly controlled gas prices, you would see gas selling nationwide for under a dollar every November.

Alright, that’s a bit of humor, but how far from the truth is it? Politicians act in mysterious ways during election years. You’ll see increases in community project spending, social programs, and some government subsidizing going on so they can jockey for pole position in the upcoming election.

But do Democrats have a platform to run in when gas in some parts of America, including here in New Jersey where we haven’t really seen that “Biden Price Drop” yet?

According to the U.S.Energy Information Administration, gas prices in the Garden State are still at all-time record high levels. Gas has dropped about 80 cents per gallon after peaking at $5 this summer, but when Joe Biden took office, gas in New Jersey was about $2.20. We’re still paying nearly double for gas than we did when the President took office in 2021.

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The President’s claim that he’s saving us money is nearly as absurd as his 2021 pennies off on the summer barbeque messaging.

Presidents don’t control gas prices, but their energy policies do influence the market and right now, Americans are still suffering from Biden’s repeated attacks on the fossil fuel industry. If Joe Biden wants to take political credit for a decrease in the price of fuel in recent weeks, he has to also accept responsibility for that fuel costing nearly twice what it does when he took office.

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