Suspect Hid from Police in Giant Teddy Bear After Stealing Car, Gas

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Police searching for a suspect who had just stolen a car and filled up his tank with gas without were stumped when the trail went cold back in May.

Police, acting on a tip in July arrived at a home in Rochdale to arrest the suspect. Police searched the home for 18-year-old Joshua Dodson, but couldn’t find him. Then officers noticed a giant teddy bear appeared to be breathing.

Upon closer inspection, Dodson was found hiding inside the bear, entering through a hole he cut in the bear’s posterior.

He was arrested and charged.

“When we saw this large bear breathing during a hunt for a thief we thought something wasn’t right,” police in Rochdale said. “Then we found our suspect stuffed inside!”

Police said Joshua Dodson stole a car while disqualified and filled up for fuel without paying. He’s sentenced to nine months in jail.

This week, Dodson was sentenced to nine months in a UK jail.

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