Toms River Council President Implicated in Spying Operation Against Cop, Fellow Councilman

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Council President Kevin Geoghegan today was implicated in the questionable voyeuristic private investigation of Toms River Councilman Justin Lamb, a Lavallette police officer, and his wife Ashley, a Toms River school board member.

In an email obtained by the Asbury Park Press, Geohegan was active in the decision to spend Republican party funds on a surveillance operation of the Toms River couple.

“Kevin: Per our discussions, Jerry Conaty will be sending you a check for $5500. The retainer agreement for the investigator, which was originally sent to Kevin Geoghegan, is attached. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, g,” the Asbury Park Press reported today.

“The Lambs are married to each other,” said former GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman who ultimately approved the private investigation. “Investigations are part of the business.”

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Holman and New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin spied on Lamb and his wife because they believed Lamb did not live in Toms River.

According to Lamb, he owns several homes in the community. The couple married this year and Lamb said they often traveled between homes owned by the couple, but his primary residence has always been the home he occupies in the first ward.

When asked at a township council meeting where he serves as a politically appointed Director of Public Law for the Township of Toms River, McGuckin said his politically motivated voyeuristic spying operation against the Lambs was none of the public’s business.

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Geoghegan is the brother of Brian Geohegan who was fired by Howell Township earlier this year for discrepancies in his time sheets and work hours. He served as the township’s business manager, a politically appointed job.

GOP Chairman George Gilmore has said he intends to sue McGuckin in order for the Ocean County GOP to recoup the funds used on what he described as a personal and political witch hunt of Lamb, who he sees as a possible contender for the 2023 mayoral race in Toms River.

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At Tuesday’s meeting, Geoghegan deflected all questions regarding the spying and surveillance operation of the Lambs, even engaging in dismissive and condescending tones against members of the public asking questions about the voyeuristic endeavor.

Insiders in the Ocean County GOP said the operation was part of a smear campaign intended to involved the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in an attempt to knock Lamb out of contention for the mayor’s race next year.

It is not known at this time if Mayor Maurice Hill was actively involved in the operation.

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