Evesham Township Cops Get High Tech Sidearm Sensors for Bodycams

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EVESHAM, NJ – Police in Evesham unveiled their new sidearm holster sensors that work in conjunction with their bodyworn cameras.

According to a statement released Monday, the Evesham Police Department has recently purchased and outfitted all of our police officers with Axon Signal Sidearm Holster Sensors, as well as new holster systems that support this new technology.

“The Axon Signal Sidearm Holster Sensor activates all Axon Body Worn Cameras and In-Car Patrol Vehicle Cameras, in the vicinity, when an officer un-holsters their firearm. All Evesham police officers wear an Axon Body Worn Camera and every patrol vehicle is outfitted with Axon In-Car Camera System,” police said. “The Signal Sidearm Holster Sensor ensures that the entire event, from start to finish, is captured without requiring the officer to press the activation button. This technology is of critical importance when an officer needs to act immediately and does not have the time to safely activate their camera systems, before un-holstering their firearm. This new technology will increase the officers’ and the public’s safety, while ensuring video evidence is captured anytime an Evesham Police Officer un-holsters their firearm.”

The funding for this new technology was provided through the Capital Budget for 2022, approved by the Evesham Township Council earlier this year.

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Chief Walt Miller cites, “We have seen the effects that Body Worn Cameras and In-Car Patrol Vehicle Cameras plays in our preservation of evidence, and its contribution to our building of public trust. These holster sensors will aid our agency in our evolution, while we build up our established foundation of transparency and public trust. Technology is critical in today’s policing environment, the service output of our agency has advanced through this new technology.”