Multiple People Injured on El Torro Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure

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Jackson, NJ- First responders in Jackson Township, home of Six Flags great adventure Tonight, confirmed that at least five people were injured at the amusement park. According to police, most of the injuries were minor. Some of the park’s guests injured in the incident were taken to the hospital.

According to initial reports, the roller coaster El Toro jerked forward while it was unloading riders. The incident happened at around 7:00 PM.

According to Rita Jones, a passenger on the ride, the situation was described as out of control.

“The ride was going way too fast and I thought I had whiplash from the ride, it was swinging the riders. I came off the ride and my neck was stiff. I’m surprised that more weren’t hurt. I took 3 Advil for the pain in my neck,” Jones tweeted about the incident.

In recent months, the 180 foot tall roller coaster has had its share of problems. The ride was shut down in July after there were multiple safety incidents with the ride, including a derailment.

Six Flags has not issued a statement regarding the incident.