Vandals Under 11 Years Old Trash Community Artist Business in Utica

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UTICA, NY – Over the weekend, Utica Police reported that vandals entered the Sculpture Space business located at 12 Gates Rd and caused extensive damage inside the establishment.

“The damage was including, but not limited to, damaged items, destroyed projects, and graffiti throughout the interior,” the Utica Police Department said in a statement. “Additionally while inside it was found that the suspects had stolen several hundred dollars, antique bicycles, and another property.”

“The vandals used paint, torches, sledge hammers, and other studio items and tools to violently destroy several areas and objects. While we have not evaluated the full extent of the damage, debris, and theft,” the business said today.

The business however is determined to go forward with its annual charity art auction.

“Although this tragedy is a severe setback to Sculpture Space especially on the cusp of our annual CHAIRity Art Auction and Launch Party, the Board and leadership are determined to move forward with the important launch and auction event on 24 September starting at 5:00 pm,” the business said.

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Police later caught up with the vandals while they were seen damage cars at a nearby car lot.

According to police, on Sunday, officers were dispatched to a local automobile repair business on Oriskany St for several juveniles damaging cars that were in the lot. Upon arrival the units witnessed the juveniles throwing rocks at the vehicles causing extensive damage to them. Upon further investigation the officers noticed several antique bicycles around the cars, and noticed that the juveniles had paint on their shoes consistent with what had been spilled within Sculpture Space.

“Having reason to believe that these parties may be responsible for the previous burglary, the investigation proceeded in order to determine if this was the case,” the Utica Police Department said. “After compiling a substantial amount of evidence indicating that these parties were in fact responsible for the illegal entry, damage, and theft, investigators with the Juvenile Aid Unit charged 5 juveniles ranging in age from 8 years old to 11 years old.”