Syracuse Detective Saves Child Who Was Lifeless in Mother’s Arms After Pursuit

Ambulance - File Photo.

SYRACUSE, NY – Police found a mother holding a lifeless baby after concluding a traffic pursuit in Syracuse.

According to police, on Wednesday, at around 10:51 P.M., Detective Phillips and other Officers were on the scene of a traffic pursuit that concluded near the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Lakeview Avenue.

“While investigating this call, Detective Phillips heard a loud commotion from an uninvolved vehicle nearby. Det. Phillips approached the vehicle with other Officers and found a distraught mother holding her lifeless 2-month-old child, who was unconscious and not breathing,” police said, “Det. Phillips was immediately handed the child from the woman and began life-saving care. Det. Phillips’ training and medical experience went right into action.”

After a series of back blows and rescue breaths, the baby started to regain some consciousness. These actions were repeated until AMR ambulance eventually arrived on the scene and assisted with care. The child was brought to Upstate Hospital, where she continues to survive this incident.

“Thank you, Det. Phillips, for your quick response and actions. Your medical knowledge and experience, along with the care you provided, undoubtedly helped save this child’s life. We thank you for your professionalism and service,” the Syracuse Police Department said today.

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