Absecon Police Say Scammers Spoofing Police Phone Number

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by Absecon Police

ABSECON, NJ (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT) – Recently, a resident of Absecon reported that they received a phone call from the Absecon Police non-emergency line, (609) 641-0667. Upon answering the call, a subject identifying himself as an Absecon police officer, informed the resident that they were a victim of bank fraud. They then began asking the resident for personal identifying information. After refusing to provide information and hanging up, the resident contacted the police. Scammers are able to spoof real numbers, often making the victims believe they are legitimate members of professional organizations.

Although our officers and detectives do make phone calls regarding their investigations, we encourage residents to vet these calls by calling the police department back and asking for the officer who called you. Please do not provide any personal information over the phone to anyone you may suspect is not legitimate.