Locals’ summer officially starts at the Jersey Shore

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Toms River, NJ- As the Jersey Shore shuts the book on Labor Day weekend and students return to school from Monmouth County down to Cape May County the season known as local summer has officially begun.

With the large crowds of tourists retreating back to North Jersey Monday afternoon, the official summer tourism season has come to a close. September is a time when Jersey Shore locals often take advantage of the warm weather, warm water, and empty beaches left behind by the throngs of summer tourists.

Restaurants across the Jersey Shore are no longer standing room only with one to two-hour wait times to be seated. While the official end of the summer tourism season is upon the Jersey Shore, the fun in the sun continues well into October in many Shore towns.

September and October traditionally host many off-season festivals, including heritage festivals, food festivals call my music festivals and automotive-themed festivals along the entire Jersey Shore.

On Monday night and a pre-taped episode of Fox News Channel’s The Five, host Dana Perino, play Jersey Shore resident said one of the things she’s looking forward to this fall is enjoying her locals summer.

Although the summer is over, September is often known for seasonably warm weather and the ocean temperatures typically remain warm well into the end of the month. In many towns, however, there are no lifeguards on duty and visitors should use caution when visiting the beach.

On weekends in September, many of the shore’s boardwalk stands, arcades, rides, amusement parks, and restaurants remain open. It is a time when locals can enjoy their own community without the large crowds, traffic, and congestion.

Over the past decade or so, there has been a growing trend up and down the Jersey Shore to host off-season festivals that have extended the business season for many local businesses well into late October.

New York and North Jersey tourist tourists, appreciated for their business here at the shore are often affectionately referred to as bennies or shoobies. The annual September Exodus of tourists from the Jersey Shore heading north along the Garden State Parkway over the Driscoll Bridge, often referred to as Benny Hill, signals the official start of locals’ summer.

Tourist of course are welcome to visit the Jersey Shore door local summer but are advised to check local Municipal websites and tourism websites to find out what’s open and what’s available before planning their weekend trips.