Armed Robber’s Family Seeks Justice After Victims Choked Him Out, Killed Him in NYC

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New York, NY / USA - September 11 2020: NYPD Police car, For Explorer with sirens on a Manhattan street

NEW YORK, NY – A New York City Man is dead after he pulled a gun on two men and attempted to rob them at gunpoint. Things went bad for the would-be robber as he soon learned the two men were trained martial artists.

According to police after pulling a gun on two juveniles, they wrestled with their attacker and one put him in a chokehold. The man was disarmed, and to be sure he wouldn’t get up be victims kept the man in the chokehold until he passed out.

The incident happened at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning near the intersection of Saint Albans Place in Pacific Avenue in the Eltingville neighborhood of Staten Island.

According to police, Robert Compton, 33, ended up dead in the hospital later that day.

Now the Richmond County District Attorney’s office is investigating after family members of Compton are saying his killing was unjustified.

In an ABC news interview, the victim’s cousin George Pirola is claiming the two men use excessive force and should be charged for the death of Compton.

After the incident, police learned the gun Compton use was a fake one. Police reported that Compton has an extensive criminal history that includes grand larceny, assaulting a police officer, and robbery.

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