Maryland Resource Police Charged 75-Year-Old Pennyslvania Hunter for Baiting Deer, No Permit

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HANCOCK, MD – Maryland natural resources Enforcement Officers charged a 75-year old Pennsylvania man for constructing a tree stand in baiting deer during hunting season. According to Maryland natural resources officials, it is illegal to bait deer and officers are requesting that hunters be advised of the law before they go hunting.

“Hunters, please remember it’s a violation of Maryland law to construct or use permanent blinds or tree stands on state-owned or controlled properties unless provided by the Department of Natural Resources,” the agency said today in a press release.

According to DNR officials, in August, officers received a tip that there was a permanent tree stand and baited site in the Woodmont Natural Resources Management Area.

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“When officers visited the property, they located a baited area consisting of corn and mineral powder. Just east of the baited area, police located a permanent tree stand. Officers revisited the location on September 9 and discovered Terry Ellenberger, 75, of Pennsylvania, in the same tree stand,” the agency said. “According to police, Ellenberger admitted to placing the bait and tree stand. As a result, police charged Ellenberger with hunting with the aid of bait and constructing a permanent tree stand without a permit.”

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