Fauci Attempts Damage Control After Biden Declares End of COVID-19 Pandemic

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Biden gives an update on the Omicron variant in Washington

WASHINGTON, DC – This week, U.S. President Joe Biden declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying while COVID-19 remains a real health issue going forward, the pandemic stage of the virus has passed.

“The pandemic is over,” “We still have a problem with COVID, we have a lot of work on it, but the pandemic is over.”

Dr. Fauci, the face of the U.S. government during the pandemic said not so fast.

“What he really meant is that the very severe stage of the pandemic of having … 3,000 deaths a day — that stage is no longer present,” Fauci said in an interview with Politico. “People should not be cavalier that we’re out of the woods.”

Other Democrats and public health officials attempted to rephrase the President’s comment, saying he did not mean to say the pandemic was over.

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