Could Sanctuary State of New Jersey Be The Next Destination for Florida and Texas Migrants?

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Election night event hosted by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in Asbury Park

MIDDLETOWN, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is a retired Wall Street executive who lives in a spacious mansion overlooking the Navesink River. Murphy has officially declared New Jersey a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants as governor. It is where immigrants coming to America can get a fresh start with plenty of opportunities and services.

Last week, Republican governors in Texas and Florida made headlines when they shipped migrants to sanctuary destinations in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. Still, one of the biggest opponents to Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott didn’t get any migrants in their state.

Governor Phil Murphy has clarified that he wants Texans to relocate to New Jersey. He also wants Texas businesses to relocate to New Jersey. So the critical question today is, will Phil Murphy take Texas’ illegal migrants?

“For Texas companies uncomfortable with the restrictive and anti-freedom posturing of elected officials, instead of quietly figuring out ways to make end runs around state laws to provide abortion access to the women you employ, may I offer a solution: Come to New Jersey,” Murphy tweeted back in July.

No such tweet has been made to solicit illegal migrants from Texas to seek the sanctuary state of New Jersey as their final destination.

In July, Murphy slammed Ron DeSantis for policies he deemed anti-LBGTQ. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Murphy routinely attacked DeSantis, calling his policies dangerous.

This week, Murphy condemned DeSantis after he relocated 50 illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Murphy slammed Governor Ron DeSantis and said his state would welcome those migrants with open arms, calling the Florida governor heartless.

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“I am outraged at Governor DeSantis’ heartless attempt to exploit vulnerable Venezuelan migrants in a political stunt designed only to improve his standing among his right-wing followers. It is sad to see him joining Texas’ Governor Abbott in this callous race to the bottom,” Murpy said. “This act cries out for Congress to work together on comprehensive immigration reform which treats everyone who wishes to be part of our family with proper respect and dignity. New Jersey stands by our nation’s values which welcome those seeking a better life with not just open arms but, even more importantly, with open hearts.”

Now, left to be seen is whether or not DeSantis will accept Phil Murphy’s offer to take in migrants Florida cannot adequately accommodate. It could happen. Murphy has chastised both governors over the years for their policies on immigration and other social and pandemic-related issues. Now it’s time to put his money where his mouth is.