New York governor tells Republicans to go to Florida, where they belong

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NEW YORK, NY – Nothing brings a state sharply divided between partisan political beliefs more than the governor of that state telling half of the population to leave because of their beliefs.

Nothing sends the progressive message of unifying America more than telling half of your constituents, they don’t belong in your state.

That’s what New York Governor Kathy Hochul said last month at a campaign rally saying her opponent Lee Zeldin and his supporter are not New Yorkers and should leave the state.

While Hochul insists she was not talking about all Republicans, the statement was taken that way by many who support the candidates she was referring to, especiallyher opponent, Lee Zeldin.

“And we are here to say that the era of Trump, and Zeldin and Molinaro, just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, ok? Get out of town. Because you do not represent our values. You are not New Yorkers,” she said.

That message offended Republican voters throughout the state who support the policies being proposed by Zeldin and other Republicans running for office across New York.

Later, Hochul defended her message, saying it was not intended for supporters of Zeldin, just Zeldin himself.

“Excuse me, I’ll answer your question. OK? I referred to three individuals: Donald Trump, County Executive Molinaro, and Congressman Lee Zeldin. I spoke about three people who’s views we believe are extreme. They supported the overturning of a presidential election,” she said when questioned about her comment.

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Republicans in the state haven’t been waiting for Hochul to ask them to leave. Between 2019 and 2020, roughly 45,000 New Yorker left the state for the warm weather and freedom offered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.