Fire near Lakewood reporter’s home appears to be intentional, fire department says

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Brush fire - Eric Donaldson - DT Photos.

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Political beat reporters usually have thick skins. They are targeted by numerous threats, harassment, and name-calling, but one Lakewood political reporter alleges that a fire set near his home was intentional. It’s unclear whether the fire was set in retaliation for his political writing or just a random act of arson.

Hate mail, online attempts at intimidation, and sometimes even physical threats are common in these parts when reporters dive into the realm of local politics. For Lakewood Shopper political reporter Shlomo Schorr, an intentional fire near his home could be enough to raise suspicion of foul play.

“My backyard. Fire Department suspects this was intentionally set. Thanks to their swift response, this was knocked down in minutes with no injuries,” Schorr tweeted today after a fire was set in a wooded area behind his home.

The Ocean County Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating. At this time, it is not known whether or not the fire was intended to get Schorr’s attention or purely coincidence.