‘Outright Satanism’: Putin Goes On Lengthy Rant Condemning The West Over ‘Apartheid’, Child Sex Changes

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Ceremony to declare Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian territories held in Moscow


‘Outright Satanism’: Putin Goes On Lengthy Rant Condemning The West Over ‘Apartheid’, Child Sex Changes

Micaela Burrow on September 30, 2022

Russian president Vladimir Putin said the West had fallen for a “reverse religion of real Satanism” in forcing sex changes on children and committing “apartheid” against “savage” populations in a speech on Friday.

He called transgender ideology a “denial of humanity” and “overthrow of traditional values,” marketing Russia’s war in Ukraine as a necessary correction to Western deviance in a lengthy speech after signing decrees to annex parts of Ukraine, Defense One reported. The “racist” West has instrumentalized the war in Ukraine to accomplish “totalitarianism, despotism and apartheid,” he added.

Putin commemorated the “heroes” who died for their right “to preserve their culture, traditions and religion” in what he called a “Nazi coup d’etat” in Ukraine in 2014, also known as the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He accused the West of fueling the war in Ukraine to achieve a “dream” of weakening Russia and pitting its people, whom the Kremlin envisions as including Ukrainian citizens, against one another “to condemn them to poverty and extinction.”

Western countries’ “insatiability and determination to preserve their unfettered dominance are the real causes of the hybrid war that the collective West is waging against Russia,” Putin said, construing his invasion of Ukraine as a concerted Western campaign to dominate Russia.

“They do not want us to be free; they want us to be a colony,” he said.

Putin’s accusations against the West “domination” of international financial systems based on the U.S. dollar that enshrine “neo-colonial” domination of weaker “independent states, traditional values and authentic culture,” The New York Times reported.

The regions’ alleged “self-determination… is an inherent right of the people,” Putin said, adding that Ukraine had committed “genocide” against residents of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

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Putin referenced the West’s history of colonization in Africa, Asia and other countries of the Global South, contrasting Western hegemony with the Soviet Union’s alleged anti-colonial crusade.

“Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed,” he said.

Western leaders “have dropped their masks and shown what they are really made of,” Putin added.

The U.S. pledged not to recognize the annexation of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and the self-declared independent People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, where between 87% and 99% of residents voted to accede to the Russian Federation, which Western leaders have widely referred to as a “sham” the NYT reported.

However, the Kremlin promised that any attacks on the occupied territories could henceforth constitute aggression against the Russian homeland, raising the stakes in the war after previous threats of a nuclear response as Ukraine continues to make gains in the region.

Putin reminded his audience that the West first employed nuclear weapons.

“They created a precedent,” he said.

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