New Jersey Democrats push for ranked-choice voting to change the way we vote

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A voter marks a ballot during primary elections at a Wyandotte County polling station

TINTON FALLS, NJ – Monmouth County Democrat Vin Gopal, a front runner for the Democrat party’s nomination for governor in 2025 is seeking to change the way New Jersey elects state and federal officials.

A bill sponsored by Democrat Senators Andrew Zwicker and Linda Greenstein was co-sponsored by Gopal calls for, “Establishing ranked-choice voting procedure for elections for Governor, State Senate, State General Assembly, United States Senate and House of Representatives, and presidential primaries and general elections for electors for United States President and Vice-President.”‘

Under a ranked-choice election process, voters would not vote for one single candidate, instead they would rank the candidates on the ballot in numbered order.

Instead of just voting ‘down the line’ for party candidates, voters could, in a three-way race, rank the three candidates. Under that form of election, the two candidates with the highest ranked scores would face each other in a run-off election.

A ranked-choice voting system could help a well-organized Democrat party campaign but could also open the door to the possibility of a third-party candidate winning a major election in New Jersey. It would also remove the ability for third-party spoiler candidates to interfere with an election.

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