Police dispatchers, the unseen heroes of Hurricane Ian

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Lee County dispatcher in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

FORT MEYERS, FL – In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, one group of individuals have come to the unseen heroes of the rescue and recovery effort in storm-damaged areas along the Florida Gulf Coast.

Police dispatchers have been working overtime across the region to ensure that every call for help and service is answered and responded to professionally and compassionately.

Today the Fort Myers Police Department recognized those dispatchers and others who come to Lee County to assist.

“Our dispatchers and call takers have been embedded throughout the storm and the recovery process. These men and women were the first line of contact throughout this tragedy,” the Fort Meyers Police Department said today in a statement. “They have taken the heartbreaking calls from impact, and we are all experiencing throughout the devastation. They’ve cried with callers and each other and been brave enough to continue.”

The Lee County dispatchers have been joined by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office TERT team of dispatchers that have come to provide relief and assistance to our crew.

For the hundreds or thousands of people in need of support, the dispatcher is the first person they speak to during their time of need. Dispatchers have been working nearly full-time since the hurricane struck.