Woman assaulted during attempted carjacking in Rockville, three arrested

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Police force department in full activity. Red light flasher of a patrol police car at sunday. Day patrolling of the city with lights flashers turned off. Security siren of the Canadian police vehicle.

ROCKVILLE CITY, MD – Rockville city police department is investigating an attempted carjacking where a woman was assaulted by multiple men inside a parking garage on the 300 block of Hungerford Drive.

At around 11:55 am, a female victim and multiple witnesses of the attempted carjacking provided police with descriptions of the suspects. Bystanders reported the woman screaming and saw three males assaulting her, according to witness statements provided to the police.

A good samaritan who attempted to intervene in the assault was confronted by one of the attackers. One of the attackers pulled the gun on the good samaritan and pointed it at them.

According to the victim, as she was parking her car, the woman was approached by three men who demanded her keys. After initially refusing to hand over her keys, the three men began beating her.

“Police began circulating the area, and within minutes, an RCPD officer observed three males matching the description of the subjects near the College Gardens Shopping Center. The men were stopped and positively identified by the victim and witnesses,” police said in a statement.

During their investigation of the three subjects, the police learned two of the three were juveniles and the third suspect was a 20-year-old from Washington, D.C.

A BB gun was confiscated after being found in the backpack of one of the subjects. All three were taken into custody.

A BB gun was located in the backpack of one of the subjects. All three subjects, one juvenile male of Rockville, one juvenile male of Washington D.C., and one male, age 20, of Washington D.C., have been taken into custody.