Man charged for curfew violation suspected of looting in Naples

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Flooding in Collier County, Florida. Photo Courtesy of Collier County Sheriff's Office

NAPLES, FL – A man who was violating the post-Hurricane Ian security curfew in Naples has been charged after being found with bolt cutters and other tools in his possession. Police said 32-year-old Lamont J. Sally even had a fake Amazon delivery uniform when he was arrested by police.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Sally was seen sitting in his car at the closed Walgreens at 30 Golden Gate Boulevard.

“When a CCSO deputy made contact with 32-year-old Lamont J. Salley, 32, at 12:17 a.m. he asked Salley where he lives. Salley initially said he lived “up the block.” When the Deputy asked how long Salley had lived in Naples, Salley provided vague responses including “You know, a little while, probably a couple of months,” and he could not provide a local address. He also could offer no explanation for being parked in the parking lot of a closed business,” the department said.

A curfew imposed by Sheriff Rambosk was put in place after Hurricane Ian to prevent looters and to keep the community safe as residents affected by the storm continue the cleanup and recovery effort.

Rambosk said the curfew was put in place for instances like the one his deputies encountered this week.

“At one point he began to roll up his windows, reach into his center console and lock his doors. He ignored deputies’ orders to stop and he was detained. Inside the center console deputies located a switchblade knife. Also in the vehicle were bolt cutters, a drill, wire cutters, an expired FedEx ID card and an Amazon uniform,” Rambosk said.

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Salley was charged with violating established emergency measures and transported to the Collier County jail. At the time of his arrest Salley was out on bond for an aggravated assault charge out of St. Lucie County.