Three D.C. 14-year-olds charged for armed carjacking attempt in Rockville

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Rockville City Police Department - File Photo.

ROCKVILLE, MD – Police in Rockville have reported that three 14-year-old males from Washington, D.C. traveled to Rockville and attempted an armed carjacking on Monday.

The incident happened at around 11:50 a.m. on Maryland Avenue.

According to police, the victim was walking away from her parked 2019 Toyota Rav 4, when three individuals, all wearing ski masks, quickly approached her.

“One of the teens ran up to the victim, pushing her, causing her to hit a concrete pillar and fall to ground. The teen than stood over her with a black gun and demanded the victim’s car keys,” the Montgomery County Police Department reported. “The victim began screaming, which attracted the attention of witnesses. When the bystanders ran to help the victim, the three teens ran away. The witnesses followed the teens and took pictures. Near the intersection of East Middle Lane and Helen Heneghan Way, one of the teenagers turned and pointed a gun at the witnesses, causing them to back off.”

A Rockville police officer spotted the vehicle about 30 minutes later on Route 355 and initiated a traffic stop. Police found a bb mask and three ski masks in the vehicle.

All three were charged with attempted armed carjacking and first-degree assault.