USPS Mailboxes being targeted in Camden County thefts

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A United States Postal Service mailbox is seen in Manhattan, New York City

Camden, NJ- Mailboxes across Camden County are being targeted by thieves, according to the Camden County prosecutor’s office today. Officials are warning the public to exercise caution and to protect themselves against theft from US Post Postal Service delivery mailboxes.

Some of the recommendations offered today were to hand mail directly to your letter carrier for delivery and, when possible, to deliver mail be the local US post office branch.

Officials today said that when you’re filling out checks to be mailed, always use permanent ink so that a would-be thief cannot change the text on the check.

Police say most of the mailbox thefts occur late at night. To protect yourself from being a victim of the overnight robberies, the Camden County prosecutor’s office is advising that you check the final pick up time for the day of the mailbox before delivering mail late in the afternoon.

When using a post office mailbox, be sure to inspect the mailbox to see if it hasn’t been tampered with previously.