Gibraltar Agents Assist in Thwarting Child Abduction

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DETROIT— Border Patrol agents from Gibraltar station responded to an ongoing non-parental abduction of a young child and were instrumental in the return of the baby to her parent. Agents collaborated with Flat Rock and Wyandotte Police Departments along with Michigan State Police in bringing the situation to a resolution without harm.

Female Border Patrol agent holds infant rescued from attempted abduction
Gibraltar Station agent holds infant after thwarting abduction

At approximately 10:00 am on October 5, agents were monitoring a radio frequency shared by local police departments and became aware of a vehicle pursuit involving Flat Rock Police Department (PD) and an individual who had abducted a child using a handgun. The child’s mother had also been assaulted in the process of the abduction. During the pursuit, the Flat Rock PD vehicle was disabled, and no other law enforcement were in the area to assist. After contacting the Flat Rock PD officer and ensuring he was not injured, agents were able to locate a vehicle matching the officer’s description not far away.

When they arrived at the vehicle’s location, they noticed two subjects seated in a different vehicle stopped behind it. The subject in the passenger seat was holding an infant and was identified as the suspect in the abduction. With Wyandotte PD and Michigan State Police, agents took both subjects into custody without incident. The infant was cared for by a Border Patrol agent until the baby’s grandmother and other family members arrived a short time later. Further questioning of the subjects revealed the driver of the second vehicle was a Good Samaritan who thought he was merely assisting a stranded motorist, and he was released.

The suspect was arrested by Flat Rock PD and has been charged with Kidnapping, Fleeing and Eluding, and Child Endangerment.

“Our strong, established partnerships allowed for seamless communication and quick resolution to this dangerous situation. I am amazed every day by the work of Border Patrol agents and our partners to protect our communities,” said Detroit Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Danley.”

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