Elite Liberal Enclave, Dem-Run Sanctuary Cities Fear They Could Be The Next Migrant Drop-Off Destination

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Elite Liberal Enclave, Dem-Run Sanctuary Cities Fear They Could Be The Next Migrant Drop-Off Destination

Jennie Taer on October 10, 2022

An elite liberal enclave and several Democrat-run sanctuary cities are scrambling to support illegal migrants, fearing they could be the next destinations for Republican governors’ transports from the southern border.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, Denver and Philadelphia are all making preparations for illegal migrants. However, they don’t have any official confirmation that any illegal migrant transports are bound for them.

Nantucket, which is a popular destination for liberal elites, said Friday that they were informed of a flight expected to arrive on Tuesday.

“The reported scheduled flight had many similarities to the flight and incident that occurred on Martha’s Vineyard,” the town said in the statement, adding that the company chartered for the flight is for a group out of Chicago.

“In the event there is an arrival of a plane carrying migrants, the Nantucket Police Department and many other Town departments have a detailed plan to manage such a situation,” the statement continued.

The city governments of Philadelphia and Denver, which are both Democratic-run sanctuary cities for illegal migrants, have also been bracing for the possible arrivals of illegal migrants.

The city of Denver is working with state and nongovernmental groups to prepare for the “potential” arrival of illegal migrants, but isn’t “aware of any large-scale coordinated transports making their way to the city,” the city’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) told the DCNF.

“As the coordination is evolving in nature, we are unable to provide a finite explanation of services asylum seekers would qualify for as these are still being determined,” OEM spokesperson Mikayla Ortega told the DCNF. “It’s important to note that direct services and support for immigrants will be provided by immigration non-profit groups while we coordinate government resources.”

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Philadelphia is also not aware of any illegal migrant transports, but is still taking action in case they do arrive.

“The city is inventorying existing resources should those seeking safe refuge find their way to Philadelphia,” Kevin Lessard, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Mayor’s office, told Axios in September.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began busing illegal migrants to Washington, D.C., in April, followed by New York City and Chicago in August. Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey began busing illegal migrants to the Nation’s Capital in May and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in September.

Abbott is currently busing illegal migrants only to Washington, Chicago and New York City, his spokesperson Renae Eze told the DCNF. DeSantis’ office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Neither the city of Nantucket nor Philadelphia responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.

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