Woman goes off deep end on flight to NYC after being asked to put her dog in carrier

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A woman lashed out at flight attendants, passengers and airline security after she asked to leave a plane because she had a dog sitting on her lap. The incident happened Wednesday on a Delta Airlines flight headed to New York City’s JFK Airport from Atlanta.

The woman had removed her dog from its pet carrier and placed it on her lap. She refused requests to return the dog to its carrier.

“Delta has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior on our aircraft and in our airports. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and customers,” the airline said in a statement when asked about the incident today.

After being asked to depart the plane by an airline employee, the woman responded, “I didn’t do f-cking anything to you guys.”

The argument escalated as the woman then began arguing with the employee after complaining about flight delays.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to refund your ticket; let’s go,” he told her.

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At that time, the woman became irate and began shouting profanities at the staff. When one passenger told her to get off the plane, she threw a full water bottle at the passenger.

“Turn your f-cking phone off,” she said.

“You just threw a water bottle at a passenger,” the employee warned her, advising her that she would now be meeting with police officers at the gate.

On the way off the plane, she struck another passenger in the head.