Geloso Beverage Group LLC Released Their Newest Brand, BUZZ TEA

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Geloso Beverage Group LLC Released Their Newest Brand, BUZZ TEA

Geloso Beverage Group LLC Released Their Newest Brand, BUZZ TEARochester, NY  (-)  Geloso Beverage Company LLC, a four-time winner of the industry’s Impact Hot Brand Award and Top 100 Beverage Company, released their latest brand of malt beverages, Buzz Tea on March 1, 2022, just in time for Spring. Buzz Tea released three delicious flavors that include Original, Half & Half, and Peach.

Buzz Tea is a canned hard iced tea that goes harder, smoother, and louder than your typical backyard cooler drink. Buzz Tea will launch three favorite flavors: Original, Half & Half, and Peach, containing 6.5% alcohol available in 12 oz variety packs and 24 oz singles. Geloso Beverage Group’s goal with Buzz Tea is to create a brand of ready-to-drink beverages that reflect current flavor trends consumers will surely enjoy. “The hard tea market has a lot of opportunity right now and we jumped on it. We knew we could produce delicious and easy-to-drink flavors with a higher percentage alcohol than our competition” says Mary Chapman, Marketing Director at Geloso Beverage Group.

The primary alcoholic ingredient in Buzz Tea is a triple filtered malt and all-natural blends of Argentinian black tea. When developing Buzz Tea, Geloso Beverage Group strived to create a drink with reduced carbonation to give it a clean experience and refreshing taste–and that’s what they did.

Buzz Tea Original 6.5%:

The classic Buzz Tea is brewed from real black tea and natural flavors.

Buzz Tea Half & Half 6.5%:

Buzz Tea Half & Half—made from real black tea and fresh lemonade. The classic tea meets summertime lemonade that you can buzz on year-round. 

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Buzz Tea Peach 6.5%:

Be a peach and sweeten up your next boat day, house party, or your living room couch. Made from natural Peach tea extracts, keep it light and peachy.

“Here at Geloso Beverage Group we are building on the success of our other brands. With Buzz Tea, we are investing in paid social across all channels, as it is a major part of this brand’s personality. Having conversations with our consumers is more important to us than ever.” says Paul Rene, Vice President of North American Sales at Geloso Beverage Group.

Unlike any other brand, Buzz Tea will be interactive, tapping into social media and offering texting lines to get to know its consumers. Buzz Tea will have a series of hashtags to use on social media that consumers can use to update them on the latest BUZZ. The interactive line will allow consumers to text to learn more about the brand and prevent them from sending those awkward “You Up?” text messages.

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About Geloso Beverage Group LLC

Geloso Beverage Group LLC, launched in 2002, exclusively serves the U.S. market and is based in Rochester, NY. It sells and distributes multiple flavored malt beverages, including; Clubtails – Cocktail in a Can, Johny Bootlegger, and Pepito.  For more information, please visit