Restaurant Staffing Group Creates App for Easy Hospitality Hiring

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Restaurant Staffing Group Creates App for Easy Hospitality Hiring

All Pro Restaurant Coaches, a hospitality staffing and consulting agency, has created a mobile app that pairs local restaurants with vetted, qualified staff members.

Restaurant Staffing Group Creates App for Easy Hospitality HiringClermont, FL  (RestaurantNews.comAll Pro Restaurant Coaches, a staffing and consulting group for the hospitality industry, has just released a new app to solve one of hospitality’s most pressing issues- staffing. The TeamUp app pre-screens qualified job candidates and pairs them with restaurants that need new staff members.

The TeamUp app conducts background checks, drug screenings, and preliminary interviews with candidates for both front-of-house and back-of-house restaurant positions. Approved candidates are then paired with local restaurants looking to hire for their specific position. For restaurant owners and managers, finding great new staff members can now happen with the click of a button.

TeamUp’s innovative design was created with the needs of both employees and employers in mind. Restaurant leadership teams will save invaluable time and money on recruitment, whereas potential hires can quickly secure new positions at trusted companies. TeamUp has also been designed so that employees do not need to tell their current restaurants that they are looking for a new position. A two-week notice period is built into the hiring process, allowing new hires to give employers proper notice after they secure a new job.

Of course, the hospitality industry has faced a number of changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. All Pro Restaurants Coaches hopes to use the TeamUp app to make a stressful and uncertain time easier for those in the restaurant business. By hiring the right candidates through TeamUp, employers are more likely to find long-term help for their business. Employees are also more likely to find stable employment with trusted companies.

TeamUp is currently available in both Apple and Google Play’s app stores. In addition to the TeamUp app, All Pro Restaurant Coaches also offers restaurant consulting and planning services, staff training, and more.

About All Pro Restaurant Coaches

All Pro Restaurant Coaches is the #1 restaurant recruitment agency in Florida. Founded by industry veteran Dan Vander Mey, All Pro Restaurant Coaches personally works with hospitality businesses to address their specific needs. From hiring and staff training to business coaching and consulting, the All Pro Coaches team uses proven techniques to help clients boost sales and create their ideal restaurant atmospheres. Visit to learn more about the TeamUp app, as well as the company’s other services.