You Can’t Out Pizza Buddy’s: Buddy’s Pizza Reminds America What Real Detroit-Style Pizza Is as Knock Offs Throw Their Second String Pies in the Ring

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You Can't Out Pizza Buddy's: Buddy's Pizza Reminds America What Real Detroit-Style Pizza Is as Knock Offs Throw Their Second String Pies in the Ring

Through the end of April, Buddy’s Pizza is donating 100% of profits from its nationwide Goldbelly sales to The Barstool Fund to support small businesses who have been hit the hardest by COVID-19.

You Can't Out Pizza Buddy's: Buddy's Pizza Reminds America What Real Detroit-Style Pizza Is as Knock Offs Throw Their Second String Pies in the RingDetroit, MI  (  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Buddy’s Pizza, Detroit’s original square pizza concept that first opened its doors in 1946, considers itself flattered by Pizza Hut’s recent attempt to introduce the world to “Detroit-style” pizza.

“If Pizza Hut’s take on Detroit-style pizza is the best they can do, then maybe they should stop doing impressions and stick to knock-knock jokes,” said Wes Pikula, chief brand officer for Buddy’s Pizza. “We laughed when Pizza Hut claimed ‘no one out pizzas the Hut,’ but when you try to ‘out Detroit’ Buddy’s, that gets the Motor City rumbling.”

In response, Buddy’s Pizza thanks Pizza Hut for their attempt in introducing the world to this regional classic, but the knockoff is never as good as the original. See for yourself when you visit any of the 19 locations across Michigan or order the award-winning Detroit-style pizza through Goldbelly.

Not only will you receive the craveable original, but you will be supporting a good cause. Through the end of April, Buddy’s Pizza will donate 100% of its profits on Goldbelly to The Barstool Fund, which helps small businesses struggling with the financial impact of COVID-19.  As a brand that’s weathered all types of economic conditions over 75 years, Buddy’s Pizza is proud to be able to give back to other small businesses during this time.

Gus Gurrera, the founder of Buddy’s Pizza, invented Detroit-style pizza in 1946 before later perfecting the recipe alongside original kitchen staff member Concetta “Connie” Piccinato, and it’s been a local cultural icon ever since. Baked in a square steel pan originally sourced from the automotive industry, a Buddy’s Detroit-style pizza uses double-stretched dough, real Wisconsin brick cheese, and a secret sauce recipe. The result is a light, crunchy, buttery crust, perfectly caramelized cheese and savory tomato sauce.

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Copycats like Pizza Hut, Via 313, Jets, Corners Pizza and many more have attempted to achieve Buddy’s pizza perfection over the years, but they pale by comparison. Pizza Hut in particular uses mozzarella cheese instead of Wisconsin brick cheese which changes the flavor dramatically. The originator simply stands alone.

“Real Detroit-style pizza is made with love and tradition, and the original is at Buddy’s. While we appreciate big brands getting in on the fun and shining a national spotlight on our signature product, their pizza isn’t even a good knock-off. All you have to do is look at the reviews – the only thing worse than what customers are saying is that people think it’s Detroit-style pizza. That’s why we’re giving America the chance to try the genuine thing while, at the same time, supporting small businesses who have been hit hard by the pandemic,” said Pikula.

For a taste of American history that’s built from the ground-up by Michiganders, just like Detroit itself, try the real pie from Buddy’s Pizza. You can order yours at

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In 1946, Buddy’s Pizza became the birthplace of the Original Detroit-Style Pizza. For more than seven decades, the restaurant has been feeding patrons and earning accolades from fans across the nation, including recognition from CBS This Morning, USA Today, Zagat, Food Network, Pizza Today, Eater, Travel Channel, and more.  Consistently voted Detroit’s number one pizza locally, regionally and nationally, the Farmington Hills-based restaurant remains true to its Detroit roots, legacy and traditions that began on the corner of Six Mile and Conant years ago.  For more information, visit or connect with Buddy’s on Facebook (, Twitter (@BuddysPizza) and Instagram (@BuddysPizzaDET).

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