Five food trends sweeping across New Jersey

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Photo 128968139 © Vladimirs Poplavskis
Photo 128968139 © Vladimirs Poplavskis

New Jersey is known for a few things when it comes to food. Pizza, pork-roll, Italian restaurants, sausage and cheesesteak at the Jersey Shore, fine dining along the Hudson River, and more. But, according to VisitNJ, five food trends are making it big across the Garden State.

Craft breweries are springing up all over the state. These microbreweries usually offer a tremendous handcrafted products in a relaxing and exciting atmosphere. Some notable craft brewers in the state are The River of Beer in Bloomingdale, New Jersey Beer Co. in North Bergen, Cape May Brewing Company, Double Nickle Brewing Company in Pennsauken, and Toms River Brewing.

Another growing trend is artisanal meats, where you can get farm-to-table grass-fed organic and high-quality meat. Hopewell’s Brick Farm Tavern, Pig and Prince in Montclair, and the Diving Horse in Avalon are just a few hot spots growing quickly. You might dismiss the importance of locally sourced and home-grown meat, but after you try it, you’ll be hooked.

We’re not the Garden State for no reason, and locally sourced produce is starting to become important to many families in New Jersey. Even though it’s easier to get your fresh veggies and fruit at the local grocery store, nothing beats true Jersey Fresh. There are farmer’s markets on every corner in New Jersey in the summer months, and in south Jersey, there are many self-pick farms where people line up to get their local produce all season long.

Small-batch coffee is another growing trend in New Jersey. While it’s not close to unseating Dunkin’, Wawa, or Starbucks, coffee fans across the state are starting to gravitate toward these micro-brewing coffee shops.

Modcup Coffee in Jersey City, Turnstile Coffee Roaster in Belmar, and Endgrain Coffee Bar in Pittman are leading the list in this new trend.

Eat Clean Bro. Businesses like Eat Clean Bro and other food prep services are growing in popularity because of their ease, convenience, and healthiness. Knowing what’s going into your food is important and healthy non-GMO, organic, and vegan options are growing in popularity. Juice bars, fruit bowl joints, and vegan cafes are popular in New Jersey.

Not on the VisitNJ list are wineries. New Jersey’s wineries are enormously popular for their spirits, beautiful atmosphere, and artisanal offerings. Charcuterie boards, fruit platters, farm-to-table produce and meat offerings are just some of what you can expect while sipping wine in a beautiful garden state setting.

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